Application - advanced microoptic systems

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1. Laser micro-optics (spectral range λ=0.193 - 3.0 μm)

  • laser beam intensity shapers (gaussian)

  • line, cross or specially specified generators

  • masking plates (alphabets, diaphragms, etc.)

  • beam plainers (for photolithoraphy illumination systems)

  • beam collimators of laser diodes

2. Medicine

  • micro-optical elements for endoscopes

  • elements of illumination systems

  • components of optical systems for ophtalmology, dermatology, laser surgery

3. Optosensoric and telecommunications

  • components for beam input and output into and out of fibre elements for optical computing

  • micro-objectives for CCD-cameras

4. Measuring systems

  • testing micro-structures (depth standards, system components for measuring of angles and distances, etc.)

  • beam multiplexers

  • components for wave front analyzing systems

  • elements for multichannel measuring devices

5. Industrial applications

  • components of illumination systems for cameras

  • micro-optical components for photolithography and micro-electronics

  • special array elements for car industry  

  • correcting elements for welding systems

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